Special pickups in the East Village. We thank our wonderful supporters!
Goofing off in the stairwell. From left to right: Martin Dorsey, Adam Seigle,
Alexander James Taylor, Luis Eche-Serradet.
Director Abby Kollek is sponsored by The Satellite Collective.
Lower East Side.
Director Abby Kollek with Alexander James Taylor, the starring lead in Twenty Seven

We dreamed it into existence: Twenty Seven expands from a short into a feature!
Lunch break in a diner; our dear lead Alexander James Taylor with the Director.

Adam Seigle plays "Spook" in Twenty Seven. Photographed by Luke Lehner.
Spring shoots wrap.
The amazing Adam Seigle, Bronx.

Photographs courtesy of Luke Lehner.
Prime-time shooting with our key cast!
Up on the monitors... Top row, left to right: Alexander zones in for the scene;
Brendan running lines;  Devonn framed for her close-up.
Bottom row, left to right: Katherine & Adam 
 trying to keep a straight face;
Edwina getting warm before her co-star knocks on the door;
Martin & Luis, standing by for Action!
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