Outside SEARCH & DESTROY. East Village.
Alex Taylor with Syd Suuux, Bratt Taylor & Alessandra Biagiotti. Arlene's Grocery. 
Photos by Chloe Frances (@chloe.frances).
Adam Seigle & Alexander James Taylor
Alex Taylor & Adam Seigle as our ferocious leads.
Look mean! Adam Seigle, Luis Eche-Serradet & Martin Dorsey.
The photo bomber.
With Brendan McGowan & Devonn Duffin.
Left to right, them punk droogs:
Viatrix, Andre Arsenault, Taylor Horne, Carter McNeil & Tyler Moore.
Edwina Rai & Devonn Duffin, the loveliest ladies.
Alexander James Taylor as Benny Farro in Twenty Seven, directed by Abby Kollek
Roses & leather, delinquent forever.
Cheers, Sid.
The Vicious Series, taken by Luke Lehner.
Left: Alex Taylor with Morgan White, kickass AD.
Middle: Diamond Abreu, superhuman DP.
Right: Abby fangirling DP Luke Lehner.
Photos by Chloe Frances (left & right) and Morgan White (middle).
Alexander James Taylor with Brendan McGowan & Devonn Duffin in Abby Kollek's Twenty Seven
Additional pictures are courtesy of Diamond Abreu, Luke Lehner & Abby Kollek.
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